ECO-WORTHY Automations – Motorized Vertical TV Lift for 26-57″ TVs – Remote Control for Home Use

Type: TL-700mm
Control Box Input: 100-240V AC
Control Box Output: 24V DC
TV Lift Input: 24V DC
Max Lift: 1000N
Stroke: 28 inches (700mm)
Speed: 1 inch/sec
Duty cycle: 10%
Material: Aluminum Alloy and steel
Color: Black
Operation temperature: -5℃~+65℃

Package Included:
1 set 28″ (700mm) Stroke Adjustable TV Lifter
1pc Remote Controller (RF)
1 set TV Mounting Bracket


if you need any instruction or help, please feel free to contact us.Fits most TVs from 26 to 57 inches in size. Mounting your TV is simple with the universal hardware kit and quick connect system.
TV mount measures 38.6 inches tall from bottom to top of column, NOT including TV height. It’s 16 inches wide and is adjustable.
TV mount stroke is 28 inches. Lift rate of approx. 25mm per second.
Solidly built and duty cycle overload protection. Quiet motor operation with remote controller.
Creates a modern look for your audio video equipment. No need for the bulky furniture to support the TV, cable or satellite boxes.



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