MicroBot Push – Wireless Robotic Button Pusher for Smart Home Automation (Platinum White)

MicroBot Push is the wireless robotic button pusher; it physically presses buttons and switches wirelessly. Users can control a MicroBot with a smartphone and/or through a companion hub called Prota. It’s designed to work on all kinds of buttons and switches, which makes it possible to turn any old home appliances into connected smart devices that are controllable from anywhere anytime, even automatically.Press buttons and switches remotely and manually
Works with rocker switches, protruding push buttons, non-protruding push buttons, toggle switches, tactile buttons, capacitive buttons (smartphones)
Press and hold buttons for any number of seconds
Compatible with iOS / Android / Prota OS
Create Smart Home connected devices with your old appliances by adding a MicroBot on it (oven, kettle, switch, power outlet, ac/fan)



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