NEO Z-wave Plus Wireless Home Automation Battery-Powered Also Can Be Charged With USB Siren Alarm Sensor

What it does

Audio & Visual Variety

Mix and match 10 unique chimes/alarms with a flashing red LED to notify you of different home events.

Specialized Schedules

Get creative with daily audio schedules built around your life and family: define study time for the kids, never forget to feed the fish, set reminders for the elderly.

Emergency Support

Connect the Smart Chime to other Z-Wave safety devices to know instantly what the trouble is, whether it’s broken glass, an unlocked safe, smoke, or floods.

Adjustable Configurations

Equipped with advanced parameters so you can control your Chime to the last detail, like alarm duration, volume, and tone.

Power of Z-Wave Plus

Features improved battery consumption, extended signal range, and strengthened connectivity.

Fast & Easy Install

Auto-inclusion makes connection fast, while two easy mounting options give you freedom and range.
➤ 3 DISTINCT VOLUME LEVELS: the door chime music volume is divided into 3 stages, high, middle and low. The default volume is middle, you can adjust the siren’s volume to suit your needs. Z-wave can adjust the volume, but not physical adjustment.
➤ 10 DIFFERENT ALARM CHIMES: Pick a different alarm sound to alert you to different events, such as home intrusion, in-home doors opening and even mail delivery .
➤ CONFIGURE DOOR BELL MUSIC DURATION TIME: You can set the door bell music time to 255 times at most, so you don’t miss visitors any more
➤ INTELLIGENT INTRUSION ALERT: When the siren alarm triggered, it will make alarm sound (the default duration time is 1 min, also can be set up to 5 minutes) and the red LED flashing strobe alarm will be triggered for 12 seconds synchronous.
➤ INTEGRATES WITH SECURITY SYSTEM: The siren alarm can associate with the sensors through the z-wave network to alert intrusion.



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