PowerHome2 INSTEON-Compatible Home Automation Software

PowerHome2 Home Automation Software offers the ability to automate all your home systems from your home computer. You can integrate lighting and appliances with security and home theater. When used with the appropriate control hardware, sold separately, PowerHome2 supports INSTEON, X10 and UPB home automation technology, Elk Security systems and control of infrared audio and video devices. With PowerHome2’s programmable Windows based interface, this control can be achieved via keyboard, mouse, touch screen, web, email, X-10, INSTEON, UPB, IR, RS-232, voice recognition, socket communications, Windows Messaging, and even your Internet enabled cell phone. PowerHome2 includes four Wizards that help you get PowerHome2 up and running quickly: Controller Wizard, Device Wizard, Timed Event Wizard and Control Center wizard. PowerHome2 includes support for all INSTEON controllers and devices including: Dimmers and switches Wire-in / outlet modules Plug-in modules cccupancy & motion sensors Handheld & tabletop remotes thermostats & HVAC control Sprinkler & low voltage IR Control The PowerHome 2 Software requires the use of a controller(s) to communicate with your devices, sold separately.Empower your home with PowerHome
Control your home automation system using your PC or the web
Perfect for INSTEON, UPB, X-10, Infrared, audio/video devices and more
Highly customizable – use with Elk M1, HVAC, Caller ID, Weather
No plugins needed; Unlimited licenses for your home’s computers



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