SkylinkHome MD-318 Remote Controllable Wireless Lighting Wire-In On / Off / Dimming Module Light Receiver for Home Automation Control

The SkylinkHome MD-318 Remote Controllable Wire-In On/Off, Relay or Dimming Control Module Receiver is installed and hidden behind the light by simply connecting the neutral, live and load wires. Once installed, you will be able to remotely control your light with up to 8 Skylin remote transmitters (sold separately) Adding the MD-318 Receiver will provide greater flexibility, security, comfort and convenience to your lifestyle.

Advance and upgrade your Skylink Wireless HomeControl System by adding the SkylinkNet Internet Hub (Model HU-100 or SkylinkNet Starter Kits SK-150, SK-200, SK-250) to control lighting, small appliances and home electronics from your Smartphone anywhere in the world with the SkylinkNet App. Lifetime Support, Call: 1-800-304-1187, Email: support@skylinkhome.comSimply wires directly to fixture. Works with incandescent, CFL bulbs, florescent tubes, & small appliances.
Works with SkylinkHome remote transmitters (sold separately)
Transform your office or home into a smart one with the easy-to-install wireless lighting control module. Compatible with incandescent, CFL bulbs, florescent tubes, and appliances
On/Off/Dimming Functions. Designed to operate up to 300 watts max load. Ideal for ceiling lights.
Up to 500 feet operating range in an open area.



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