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Inovelli exists to make life simpler through Home Automation.

We started from an idea that people want their lives to be simpler. Our products are designed to be easy to install and work with over 1700 of other products and more than 450 different brands.

Tested Compatible HUB’s and Appliances:
SmartThings, Wink, Vera (UI5 & UI7), Staples Connect, HomeSeer, Zipamini (Zipato), Amazon Alexa (Only works thru a compatible HUB – Please do not buy if you do not have an external HUB)

Non-compatible Hubs:
Samsung Connect, Alarm dot com, Frontpoint, Iris by Lowes, Qolsys and Vivint.

If, for some reason our switch does not work with your HUB, we will fully refund you.

About this Smart Switch
The product on this page is an In-Wall Z-Wave PLUS Dimming Smart Switch + Z-Wave Range Extender which gives you the ability to dim your lights from anywhere in the world as well as grow your Z-Wave network with the built in repeater. Z-Wave Plus is the newest technology from Z-Wave, boasting a 67% increase in range, 250% more bandwidth, and more (and is fully compatible with older Z-Wave models)

Closing Words
We know that Home Automation can be tough for the beginner (we’ve been there), so every smart home product we sell comes with a QR code and special link that directs to a step by step tutorial (video and written) on how to set up your new Home Automation switch. Simplifying lives, one smart home product at a time… that’s Inovelli.

IMPORTANT – PLEASE READ: Must have Neutral Wire for this to work — please check your wiring prior to purchasing
OVERVIEW: Z-Wave Plus Switch with Manual or Remote Dimming with Instant Status Reporting
Simple 3-Way Wiring – No need for an auxiliary switch! Can be used with a regular ON/OFF (non-smart) switch (NOTE: “Non-Smart” switch has to be an On/Off 3-Way, not a Dimming 3-Way)
ACCESSORIES INCLUDED: White & Almond Faceplates, White & Almond Paddles, White & Almond Screws (for Faceplate), a Neutral Jumper Wire, and our Step by Step Instructions for SmartThings, Wink & Vera
CERTIFICATIONS: Z-Wave Plus, UL Listed, FCC Certified



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